In 2010, the Pequonnock River Initiative (PRI) was formed as a partnership between the City of Bridgeport and the Towns of Monroe and Trumbull to develop a plan for the Pequonnock River watershed.


The Pequonnock River watershed encompasses a 29 square-mile area with the majority of the watershed located within Monroe, Trumbull, and Bridgeport. The river headwaters flow from Monroe through the center of Trumbull into northern neighborhoods of the City of Bridgeport and out into Bridgeport Harbor.


Land use within the watershed varies from undeveloped or lightly developed areas near the headwaters in Monroe, portions of which serve as a backup drinking water supply; transitioning to low- and medium-density residential and commercial uses through Trumbull and the northern portions of Bridgeport; and finally to the City center and former industrial and manufacturing uses near the mouth of the river at Bridgeport Harbor.