Parks & Water

The trail runs directly through many parks, including The Beardsley Park & Zoo in north Birdgeport. Along the route are access points to fishing and scenic water features. MORE >>



The Pequonnock River Initiative (PRI) is dedicated to stewardship of the river and the watershed area. Severl projects are underway to improve water quality and reduce pollution. MORE >>



There are many historic points of interest along the trail. MORE >>


Parking & Access

With over 20 access points over the course of the 16 miles, the trail is easily acessible via walking, bicycle or car. Parking is available at 10 access points. MORE >>


Public Transit

The trail is accessible by many public transit points in the region including approximately 20 bus stops as well as train and ferry access in downtown Bridgeport. MORE >>


City & Town Centers

The trail runs through the heart of downtown Bridgeport north through Trumbull town center and into Monroe, where the twon center is a short distance form the trail. MORE >>