Our Sponsors

We're here to protect natural resources, preserve scenic landscapes and historical resources, and offer opportunities for recreation or non-motorized transportation in the State of Connecticut. And we're proud that our work resonates in your hearts. We're here to thank our sponsors that help the project move forward.

Lincoln Waste Solution
Lincoln Waste Solution is a leading company in the waste management space. It is a true partner in waste management for thousands of companies across the US. Its mission is to help your organization achieve its goals and vision in waste management by working directly with your team.

Sustainable Finance Institute
The Sustainable Finance Institute creates and delivers cutting-edge sustainable finance Certification, Executive Training & Custom Workshops, Special Research and Events. Its mission is to be the world's leader in providing programs that develop communities of best sustainable finance practices.

Connecticut Green Bank
The Connecticut Green Bank is the nation's first green bank, established by the Connecticut General Assembly in July 2011. The Green Bank's vision is a planet protected by the love of humanity. The bank's mission is to confront climate change by increasing and accelerating investment into Connecticut's green economy.

ASAP Finance
ASAP Finance offers secure online matching services that connect borrowers with the most trusted direct payday lenders, providing fast access to responsible and fair lending services. ASAP Finance is one of the best in the business as the company helps you find fast and safe financial products so that you have access to fast cash while charging no fees for the service. It only partners with professional and trustful payday lenders who offer flexible loan options and competitive fees to customers who have limited borrowing solutions due to bad credit scores.